The Parakeet


By: Christine Li

Parakeets are also known as budgerigars, which are also referred to as budgies, they are a small species of parrot and were first brought to Europe from Australia over 150 years ago. Proving to be an adaptable easy to tame bird they have adopted themselves as a favorite household pet and are kept by many families across the globe.

The cheerful little birds are easy to look after and prove inexpensive to keep and feed. Their main characteristic that has earned them the position of a much loved pet is their natural inquisitiveness and the way that they enjoy human company so much. Tame budgies become very attached to their owners and will even treat you as if you were another bird by preening your hair and coming when they are called.

In the wild budgerigars live in large flocks and are known as nomadic birds, they can be found in their natural habitat in the part desert lands of Australia. They will usually fly many miles during the day in the search for water and grass seeds. When the months get too hot in the summer they migrate south of the continent where it is cooler. Did you know that budgerigars never build nests? It is also true that they never return to the same breeding places to rear their young as so many other species of bird would. They lay their eggs when they find a convenient place, which is sheltered such as in the hollow of a tree or inside a cavity of a rock.

The wild budgies are a light green color with yellow shoulders, neck and head. This combination helped them to be camouflaged in the grassy plains and eucalyptus trees which were their homes. When you go to the pet store you will usually see budgies that are blue, white, yellow, mauve and different shades of green that have been bred this way to provide you with a variety to chose from.

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